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He completed his master-degree by securing first division in M.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

He then went to the Chapra district school after the completion of his elementary education. Inhe joined the High Court of Bihar and Orissa and dr rajendra prasad essay writer appointed as one of the members of Senate and Syndicate of the Patna University later in As soon as the motion for Indian National Congress was passed inRajendra Prasad left his profession as a lawyer and joined hands with freedom fighters to fight against the British invasion in India.

He was one of the architects of the Indian Republic, having served as the president of the Constituent Assembly and later as the first president of independent India.

Rajendra Prasad

Another book, Chapters from Indian Psychology was also hailed as being much ahead of those times. He was imprisoned in and when he was released he formed the Bihar Central Relief Committee following the earthquake that occurred on 15th January when he was in jail.

He was chosen interim president of his country and was elected the first president in May When an earthquake affected Bihar on 15 JanuaryPrasad was in jail. Since he never raised his voice to her, he simply put on his normal clothes and went to college.

Later, he was taught Hindi and arithmetic. As a President, he used his moderating influence silently and unobtrusively and set a healthy precedent for others to follow. Always conciliatory, and, above all, as a devoted disciple of Gandhiji, only Rajendra Prasad was found suitable to fill the vacant Presidential Chair — in April at Calcutta.


His educational career was very bright. He now came to Calcutta and joined the Presidency College where he studied Science.

Though he did not top in M. But, on 28 Februarythe nation bid adieu to this eminent and bright personality as he left the people in grief for his heavenly abode. He left everything to serve his country and its people.

He set about the cremation but only after his return from the parade ground. He was very simplest person in his habit. Prasad joined the Presidency College, Calcutta ininitially as a science student. Parmarthdarshan, sutrabadh darshan-granth — vartik sahit; published in Kashi in the years —12 and Rajendra Prasad was great talented and sincere person and using of his sharp mind, he became the great educationist and as per his better knowledge, he got the comment from his examiner on his answer sheet.

During his great involvement in law examination, he passed the final exam and won the Gold-Medal. In thehe left the college and went on to study law in Kolkata and at the same time, along with the studying law, he was also teaching Economics at the Calcutta City College. Elementary Textbook of Eternal Law Parmarthdarshan ki angrezi bhumika ;unpublished.

Rajendra Prasad

We shall not see the likes of him again. In many of his articles he mentioned about his meeting with Sankrityayan and narrated about his meetings with Sankrityayan. He had also served as a Cabinet Minister briefly in the first Government of independent India.

Following the tussle over the enactment of the Hindu Code Billhe took a more active role in state affairs. Prasad was a member of the Congress Parliamentary Board, which directed the election campaign of Dr. Rajendra Prasad was born on December 3, in Ziradei village in Siwan district of Bihar. His father’s name was Mahadev Sahay and his mother’s name was Kamleshwari Devi.

Rajendra Prasad was youngest among his siblings. Essay Of Rajendra Prasad. Constituent Assembly; President of Congress in and Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first President of independent India. He was the President of the Constituent Assembly that drafted the Constitution.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was one amongst the foremost important independence activists throughout India’s freedom struggle. He was additionally a noted author, writer and journalist.

He was a distinguished politico of the Indian National Congress and was elective as Congress President in and Rajendra Prasad () was an Indian nationalist and first president of the Republic of India.

He was an important leader of the Indian National Congress and a close coworker of Gandhi. Rajendra Prasad was born in Saran District, Bihar State, eastern India, on Dec. 3,into the Kayastha, or scribe, caste. Got an #essay that needs a home?

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Rajendra Prasad’s first brush of education came under the guidance of a Maulavi. He learned Persian, Hindi and arithmetic. Right from his childhood, Dr. Prasad .

Dr rajendra prasad essay writer
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