Is social security a ponzi scheme

Is it just that in the second scenario Alvy also knows that he will die, all too prematurely, in six months? First, Social Security is not insurance or an investment in the conventional sense, where the amount of benefits you receive is directly related to the amount of money you invest via your FICA taxes.

For if it were true it would imply that the human future is a kind of Ponzi scheme where the virtual horizon of genuine value would have to recede forever if the human enterprise is to be valuable at all.

Reply 6 DD October 4, at It just shows you how important it is to take matters into your own hands when it comes to retirement. So we are doomed. Leslie — I know! If the claimant is denied at the reconsideration stage, s he may request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Either the being could restore both the existence of the afterlife and our fully justified belief in it, or it could simply give us a drug that would induce in us a false belief in the afterlife.

This means you will always be able to read us without roadblocks or barriers to entry. Here's the big issue to debate in a democratic society, though: After age 70 there are no more increases in retirement benefits allowed. Ponzi initially bought a small number of international mail coupons in support of his scheme, but quickly switched to using incoming funds from new investors to pay purported returns to earlier investors.

I am unsure whether Scheffler would endorse this stronger claim—that unless there is a human future containing some value-laden lives then the very idea that things now matter is threatened. Along the way, the perpetrators pocket a lot of the investors' money -- remember Bernie Madoff?

This undermining of our confidence in what we value would deprive us of the motivation to live value-laden lives. The universe is expanding? Otherwise the same could be said, absurdly, of the Big Bang, the sine qua non of everything. Ponzi paid his initial investors with funds raised from his second round of clients, rather than investing these funds.

The only circumstance under which that could possibly happen is if Congress repeals it altogether, which is never, ever going to happen, partially because the program is so incredibly popular and the American public would never go for it, and partially because the feds NEED people to continue to pay into it in order to pay promised benefits.

I like the way you think: Every investment carries some degree of risk, and investments yielding higher returns typically involve more risk. It was merely tax revenue. Corporate stocks and bonds? Something he read, huh? Basically, my money doubles every years.Social Security is not sustainable without reform.

Simply put, it cannot pay promised future benefits with current levels of taxation. Yet raising taxes or cutting benefits will only make a bad.

Cruz on Social Security as a ‘Ponzi Scheme’

Dec 08,  · Last week I published a post entitled 3 Big Myths About Social Security, which ended with Myth #3: Congress Has Raided the Social Security Trust Fund. I soon received some heated comments from. Dec 08,  · Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme or a lousy investment.

It's simply one generation helping another. I couldn’t agree more with you. Yes all those cryptocurrencies are only a fad just like it was those Fidget Spinners last year.

Ponzi Schemes

Soon lack of demand will bring BitCoin and others to crash since there is no real value behind, like currency is backed by trust in the government. There is no information on the BitClub Network website indicating who owns or runs the company. The BitClub Network website domain (“”) was registered on the 22nd of Julyhowever the domain registration is set to private.

Look at the numbers – my payout at Age 70 is $1,/month, or $19k/year higher than my payout age That’s a 77% increase!! If you run the math, I’ll earn a % return for every year that I delay Social Security. Tough to beat that kind of a return in any other asset class at the moment.

Is social security a ponzi scheme
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